Rental Opportunities

Private Birthday Party Rentals´╗┐

Available during set rental times within the SPARC schedule. We currently have private party rental space available on Saturday’s from 12:30 to 2:30pm (1-hr min & option of more than 2 hrs). During the busy winter months, we have additional rental times on Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons. Other days/times can be available with prior authorization. Please call or email us at for our current availability, instructions on booking, or any other rental questions or requests.

To print out our Rental Request Form, go to the ‘Forms’ tab above or scroll down on this page.

Roller Skating Birthday Parties

Effective 3/28/22, roller skating will no longer be available in our facility due to insurance reasons. We are looking to bring it back in 2023!

Large Private or Public Event Rentals

Please contact the SPARC Coordinator directly at for large private or public event rental opportunities.

South Peninsula Athletic and Recreation Center (SPARC) provides a unique setting for community events and recreational activities for all ages. To ensure the safety of our patrons and in order to maintain and preserve the facility the following policies will be strictly enforced. Reservations will be guaranteed when a signed RENTAL REQUEST FORM is returned to the SPARC and a confirmation email, call or text is issued.


The SPARC is an 11,000 sq. ft. facility designed for recreational use. The following fees will be applied for rental use:
– $60/hour (1 hour minimum) — For non-profit events
– $100/hour — For profit events + deposit

For events over 75 people, it will be the responsibility of the renter to rent & pay for a port-a-potty.

Activities in addition to the ones usually provided at the SPARC, such as bouncy houses, must be approved prior to the event. If the activity is not covered by SPARC’s insurance policy, the renter must agree to provide adequate insurance coverage of the activity and documentation of the same.

SPARC reserves the right to request a deposit of half the rental fee (not to exceed $300), due 7 days prior to the event unless other terms are discussed and agreed upon. The total rental fee is due prior to event. If a deposit is requested, upon completion of the event, SPARC staff will inspect the facility and return the deposit immediately minus any fees or damages incurred. Cancellation within 24 hours of event will result in forfeit of deposit.

Food and Beverages:

SPARC does not have any food preparation or storage areas. Food is allowed in the entryway and under the outside covered entryway in proper storage containers. No food or beverages are allowed on the gym floor. Water bottles are allowed with lock tops. If food or beverages are found to be on the gym floor, an additional fee may be charged to the renter. No consumption of alcohol, tobacco or other controlled substances is allowed on SPARC property, and all regulations in place at Kenai Peninsula School District facilities fully apply to the SPARC property.

Event Staffing:

While the SPARC may provide a staff person or volunteer during your rental, it is the responsibility of the renter to provide the equipment and proper supervision for their event. This includes set up, tear down, running and supervising the event.

Space Limitations and Hours:

SPARC has many scheduled events and activities throughout the day. All set up, tear down, and cleaning must occur within the agreed upon rental timeframe. It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to see that all guests adhere to the times specified in the rental agreement. Activities beyond the parameters of the agreement may result in additional charges.

Property Damage:

The renter will be financially responsible for any and all damage done to the facility, grounds, or any SPARC property damaged by any member of the user group and/or subcontractor employed by the user group. SPARC is not responsible for the loss or damage of any property while in or on SPARC grounds.


If additional set up needs are required, they must be discussed and arranged with the SPARC Coordinator prior to the event. Pinatas are allowed, but the renter is responsible for supplying the rope/string and chosen hitting apparatus, as well as, cleaning up after it. Roller skating & fog machines are not allowed at this time. All equipment, decoration and signs must meet all fire, safety, and building code requirements.

Clean Up:

Clean up and tear down is the responsibility of the renter. This includes, but is not limited to, removal of all equipment, materials, and decorations. Removal of all trash generated by the event from inside and outside the facility. All surfaces used must be wiped down, and floors swept. Cleaning supplies will be provided by SPARC. At the conclusion of event clean up, a SPARC staff member will do a walk-through inspection. The renting party is responsible for the supervision of any minors dropped off early or picked up late from their event.