SPARC Tribute Tiles

Family name, kids’ names, a tribute to friends and relatives…


SPARC is re-opening our sale of surplus floor tiles for you to personalize and have permanently displayed in the entryway of SPARC. A group of three (attached horizontally) makes a great display!

All proceeds from this fundraiser go toward furthering existing programs, as well as creating new and exciting programs for our community members.

Tiles are 9”x9” and come in colors of green and gray. Each tile comes with detailed instructions on how to decorate using acrylic paints or decoupage. The design part is up to you! Consider honoring your family, children, friends or relatives. SPARC was created by the COMMUNITY and for the COMMUNITY… Let it show in your tiles.

Tiles can be purchased at SPARC. We accept cash, credit card, or check. You can also call us at 907-299-5115 to place an order over the phone and then pick up your tiles at your earliest convenience. Completed, decorated tiles can be dropped of at the SPARC office at any time during business hours, and will be displayed with others in entryway.

$20 per tile.

Any Questions? Please email or call 907-299-5115 for more information.