A Space for ALL SPORTS is Here!

Built for Health
Built for Fun
Built for Us!


Homer’s first multi-sport indoor sports facility serving all ages.
It’s 11,000 sq. ft. (75 feet wide and 159 feet long).
It’s dry, bright, and huge.

SPARC’s giant indoor space gives the Homer community a huge, indoor, multi-sport play-field. It gives our kids and families a place for soccer, pickleball, basketball, baseball, fitness, Zumba, Ultimate frisbee, and much more. It’s also the perfect facility to have events and birthday parties, both large and small. It helps give our kids options against substance misuse, and our seniors have a place for indoor walking.

What’s more, with a space for events/tournaments, we can generate an equally huge economic boost – one that will help our community further diversify revenue sources.


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  1. Daniel says:

    Hello Homer! We are finishing this website and will be ready with more information and ready to accept donations early next week. SPARC will be amazing, so please check back here for more information!

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